Club membership

SAKK ry membership

To join to be a member of Suomen australiankarjakoirat ry, please send following facts to our member secretary:

  • your name
  • e-mail address
  • home address
  • attach a receipt of membership payment to you e-mail

Pay membership fee to clubs account:

IBAN: FI81 6601 0001 0016 76

Please use reference number 8811!

One year basic membership is 30€.
If you want to be supportive member, fee is 150€/year.

Membership facts to: jasenet (at)

As a member of our club, you will receive a karjis magazine, clubs own magazine for members.
Karjis-magazine appears 4 times a year.
The KARJIS- magazine is in Finnish. It publishes photos of the breed that are full of action. Photos can be only in digital format. The photos need to be sharp and the digital photos must have a resolution of 150 dpi or greater (minimum size is 600*600 pixels.)
Add an story to the pictures. Remember to mention the photographers name, and if it isn’t you, remember to ask written permission to use the photos. Also longer stories are welcomed!

More information and all materials to: karjislehti @